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    Hi Friends,

    I am facing few serious troubles with my Lumia 520,

    1. My network connectivity drops to Nill (with cross in the range area) and does not comes back until i turn off and on again.
    2. Recently I went for an out of station trip ( roaming) during that time, my mobile was frequently restarting after every 2 minutes and even hard reset could not solve the problem. finally i have to switch it off and keep it aside. That really affected my trip. Thank god i had an old Nokia 1320 which really helped initially to stay connected for some time.
    3. Music player seems little slow in loading up the items. and after synchronizing with my media player, i have to manually restart the phone to see the updates.
    4. Action center doesn't seems getting updated at times, Say the scenario comes like this, a new mail or message comes in, which shows as as message with notification and then one entry to the Action Center, Instead of going via action center, if i directly go to the message application and mark it as read then those information are not getting updated in the action center,
    One suggestion i would make is, please provide music player as well part of action center.

    I was quite satisfied with my device until last day which i was caught up with the automatic restart trouble. i will be taking it to my server center to check whether any hardware troubles exists.

    For my phone -I Liked
    1. Good user experience.
    2. No Lag in applications even after executing many applications in background
    3. Value for money.
    4. A good travel assistant, using Nokia drive and also apps to calculate trip expences.
    5. Use of One note, calender etc really helps me to organize things. we do not require any third party applications.
    6. Easily deliver presentations using Office remote which, even got very good appreciations from my audiences.
    7. Good camera and picture quality with manual controls for Exposure ISO & Shutter speed. that too with impressing and easly controllable UI.

    Things can be improved.
    1. Equiliser for Lumia 520 and
    2. More configuration options like the music tile color (which is green always for alphabets in search) live tiles or transparent tiles. with minimal information (for people like apps)
    08-26-2014 09:28 AM
  2. salmanahmad's Avatar
    I don't have the solution for all of your problems but if you are looking for a much faster music application, get OneMusic, it's free for the first few days and I would recommend purchasing it. Very amazing app.
    08-26-2014 09:42 AM

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