1. Rasmus Klingenberg's Avatar
    First of all, I'm a huge Nokia and WP fan.

    However, I can't get my head around why Nokia/Microsoft can't seem to ever release a "complete" product.

    The 808 is still the king of smartphone Cameras, but seemed more like a concept phone, with a dated OS that deters 95% of smartphone buyers.

    The 1020 was supposed to be the succesor, however it's internals doesn't seem to match the camera, and the pure camera experience to some extend is a downgrade from the 808(Smaller sensor, much slower shot-to-shot times).

    The 930 is a shrunken version of the 1520(Which by all means is a fantastic phone, but given the screen size, targets a niche market) missing the great battery life, sd card slot, assertive display technology amongst other features. I'm purposely not taken glance into account, as I don't expect this from other smartphone manufacturers.

    I understand producing a smartphone isn't easy, but seeing Nokia/Microsoft waste so many opportunities is just sad. Hopefully, when the merger has begun completion and different departments have been better integrated, concept-to release times will increase and market share will grow.
    08-27-2014 06:36 AM
  2. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    Because nothing is "complete" in software world.
    08-27-2014 07:49 AM
  3. switch side method's Avatar
    To me my 1520,is complete. Big screen, sd card, powerful, awesome battery, glance, wireless charging,32GB and the camera is perfect for me. Everything else is a bonus like glance. I hear what your saying but there is a perfect phone out there for everyone's needs but sometimes it may not be available outside a certain country
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    08-27-2014 07:52 PM
  4. salmanahmad's Avatar
    I'm more of an Android user but even I agree that Microsoft releases some very good devices, and the 1020 did have a better sensor than the 808 Pureview.

    If you don't believe me, head on over to Pocketnow's comparison between the 808 and 1020's camera.

    Most of Nokia's flagship devices are still, for the most part "complete".
    08-27-2014 07:57 PM
  5. Force2Reckon's Avatar
    no such thing in this world is 'perfect'
    08-29-2014 09:34 AM
  6. Donny James's Avatar
    Because we want it now.
    08-29-2014 09:48 AM
  7. Dave47's Avatar
    Please define "complete". Thanks in advance and completely.
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    08-29-2014 10:18 AM
  8. AvatarEW's Avatar
    As previously mentioned "complete" is a subjective term and not used in regard any manufactured item.

    Long story short, an item is planned to meet certain specifications (in the case of a computer device like a smartphone it is hardware and software). Once functionality is determined to meet the specifications (which may change during the process), the item is released in accordance to a pre-specified time frame.

    Bugs, functionality issues, functionality enhancements? Sure, but that's what updates are for.
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    08-29-2014 04:17 PM

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