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    I am facing very strange issue with my Lumia 525 after updating it to windows phone 8.1.

    I am on Vodafone India network (Postpaid).

    #########When a call comes and after taking with person when I disconnect the call, then Network went off for a couple of seconds and automatically comes in next seconds.
    ######### when I call a someone and disconnect the call same thing happen.
    #########spoken with vodafone network team they said there is no problem in my number from their side.

    I tried below things to resolve the issue.
    1) change SIM card twice.
    2)Reset handset settings.
    3) Format handset software using Nokia Software Recovery tool.

    finally I tried this and issue seems to be resolved.

    I change in network setting high speed connection from 3G to 2G and now i am not facing this issue anymore.

    Kindly share with me if anyone also facing this problem.

    It is a bug in the software so please tell me how we can report this bug to windows phone team
    09-01-2014 12:28 PM

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