1. WPCentral Question's Avatar
    After updating my nokia lumia 920 with the next version 8.1 the music,photos and calender icons have dissapeared.When I try downloading the XBox music player it is not downloading and throws an error.Could you please let me know how to resolve this issue.
    09-03-2014 01:58 AM
  2. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Since WP is pretty locked down there's not much that you can really do so there's three things to look at.

    You could check with Sysapp Pusher to make sure all your system apps are up to date but I think that's not the case here.

    Soft reset - Hold volume down and power button together until the phone vibrates. Phone restarts, no personal data erased.

    Hard reset - go to Settings -> About -> Reset phone. Phone is wiped clean. All personal data needs to be restored, ensure you backup prior to doing this.

    Using Nokia Software Recovery Tool - go here - FAQ - FAQ - How can I recover/reset/restore my phone software? - Nokia - UK

    This will wipe your phone completely clean and install a new software. Download of firmware is about 1.7GB. Ensure you backup prior to doing this.

    Just so you know, I end up having to hard reset or use the Nokia software after each update. I don't know why that is but I find I get the best performance from my phone when I do.
    09-03-2014 03:17 AM

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