1. Martin's Avatar
    After 8.1 Update phone keeps freezing overnight. Its not happening during the day. Checked most of wp phones forums for that topic but nothing what's been suggested gave me any effects. I've tried hard resetting my phone disabling the glance screen tried switching off WiFi I've no clock apps installed. Any idea what else could I try? I'm getting really annoyed with that. Especially that I have to use different alarm clock cause I can't trust my phone. Pls help....
    09-05-2014 08:36 AM
  2. NoneOfYerBidness's Avatar
    Good luck getting any help with this problem. Mine has been doing that since last year (got worse with 8.1 of course) and Both Microsoft/Nokia are completely clueless and helpless about it.

    I would suggest getting an iPhone if you can. I'm so tired of this substandard OS.
    09-05-2014 02:03 PM
  3. mikks's Avatar
    I've had the same problem, like countless others. However, disabling the glance screen seems to have worked, I haven't had a single 'incident' for almost a week.
    09-07-2014 03:38 AM

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