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    I have two NFC tags that I got from Microsoft Build a couple years ago. They're from Nokia. They both worked and would launch a Nokia webpage. I tried writing to one of them with the Nokia NFC Writer and now, when I try to use it, it makes the NFC noise, but nothing happens. I can't write to it properly. When I put the phone down to write, it just stays on the screen as if it's still waiting for a tag. I tried another app and it just continues to say Waiting for Tag. The other card works just fine reading and writing. I tried writing the exact same thing to that one and it works like a charm. Any ideas what could cause an NFC tag to become corrupt and unusable, yet still detectable in a way? Because again, it makes the NFC noise when the phone is near it, it just doesn't do anything.
    09-05-2014 06:37 PM
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    I was the one that posted the above question, but I'm logged in now. In any case, I wanted to add an update. I can use my android tablet to write to the tag and have it open a website. When I then bring that to my phone, the website will open. However, I still can't get it to write to that tag. The android tablet will write to it, but no windows phone writer seems to (i tried nfc launchit and nokia nfc writer).

    I also used an NFC reader on the android tablet that gets info about the tag. This is what it says:
    Tag type: ISO 14443-3A
    Technologies Available: NfcA, Ndef
    Serial #: not sure if this is necessary
    ATQA: 0x0C00
    SAK: 0x00
    Header ROM: 0x124C
    Data format: NFC Forum Type 1
    Size: 3/462 bytes
    Writeable: Yes
    Can be made read-only: Yes
    Record 0: Empty

    This was after I used the app to erase it. I tried writing to it again and then performed a read on it to see if it was changing anything and it still had the same info.
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    09-05-2014 06:56 PM

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