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    Hi guys!

    Guess I'm new here and have a small question ... I've been loving Nokia living images since I got my Lumia 930 and have enjoyed taking lots of pics with it and creating great video with storyteller.

    But here's what I was thinking... I need to get one living image out of the phone... It could be as GIF or video, doesn't matter.

    I've come out with two ways of doing this:

    - create a big video with storyteller and crop out just the bit I want. The problem is storyteller doesn't always animate all the images. I should use lots of shuffling to get it right and would need to edit a whole video to get a tiny fraction of of it.

    - or I could use project my screen and share it with my PC and user a screen capture software to swipe images on my album and record the ones I want. The problem is I need a PC and specific software to achieve this.

    Have you guys thought any other ways of doing this? I'd love to get some more simpler ideas.

    Thanks, guys!
    09-06-2014 08:43 PM

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