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    I have had a problem for the past 2 months, my Nokia Lumia 925 with Win 8.1 keeps shutting down spontaneously. This is my third phone in the last 2 months (warranty program keeps sending me replacements) and it shut down for the first time this morning. All 3 have developed the same problem, the phone will shut down spontaneously and the only way to start it up again is a soft reset (Volume down + Power for 15 seconds). I have had a total of 10-15 shutdowns between the 3 phones and this is a conservative estimate.

    I am thinking that this has to be a setting or an app that I use (and few others do) that is causing the shutdown since I have only seen a few other similar issues in the forums. Here are some of the basic facts about my situation and some of the actions I have taken:
    - I have wiped the phones repeatedly (3 phones wiped a total of 3 or 4 times not including the initial setup of the replacement phones, which is getting really old--really fast).
    - I have tried turning off NFC, but that obviously wasn't the issue because NFC was off this morning when it shut off.
    - I have tried trimming the screen protector/screen guard I installed as suggested in one of the other forums even though that seemed ridiculous (I think that was a different model phone too, but I gave it a shot)
    -I have not noticed any common occurrence such as
    --when a certain app is running
    --when it is on/off charger,
    -- When the battery is full or low (it was 24% this morning).
    -I have 2 chargers, 3 if you include the car charger that I have never had to use due to great battery life.
    - I have called tech support several times, all AT&T can tell me is that this is not a known issue and I should wipe it again. Nokia says the same and that I should send it back to them for repairs. That seems fruitless to me because I have had 3 different phones, what are they going to repair that a new phone won't fix?

    It takes me 3 hours to reinstall and set up my apps, I am getting very frustrated. I really love the way this phone functions, the software is good, the screen is brilliant and very sensitive, the camera is great (although a bit slow), and the size and feel are perfect for me...I hope that someone here on the forums can help.

    09-07-2014 12:50 PM

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