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    Hello there! Recently within the past month I had jumped the IOS and Android ship to try out Windows. I've been intrigued by windows for quite some time now since last year, one of my best friends had the lumia 900 I believe on verizon; I fell in love with the tile interface and just the awesome quality/feel of the lumia lines. One day I noticed the lumia 520 had been cut down to just $50 at retail price, so I picked one up at my local walmart and have been using ever since. I've always been a very simple person with my cellphones; I use barely an apps, and just all of the basics to get by (a little texting, phone calls, email, and the camera here and there.) Coming from the iPhone 4/5C/Samsung Galaxy Devices; I am aware of the difference between the high-end phones and the entry-level; but i'm starting to realize more of how much a waste of money the high-end devices are when the market has such amazing entry-level phones these days at such a low retail cost. With that said, i'm extremely happy with my purchase; but now I've come to a halt.

    I recently submitted an old iPhone 3gs of mine (and other products) to amazon and had received an amazon gift card payment with a decent amount of money. I was on amazon the other day just shopping around, and I came across my lumia 520 again that's on sale on amazon just like the stores for $45-50. Not having any insurance on this phone, and I am completely in love with this phone and would love to use it for many years, I was going to buy a second one just to store away as back up incase I wanted to use it considering I could spare the $50 through my amazon credit to just have the back-up 520 before it discontinues. With that said, after adding the 520 to my cart, amazon gave me a recommendation for the 635. I clicked on it, read some user reviews, read some specs, etc. and now I am at a bit of a debate. It's obviously not the end of the world, a phone is a phone; but I've been reading and seeing mixed opinions on how the 635 is the successor to the lumia 520.

    I'm debating now on buying another 520 through amazon as a back-up incase mine breaks, or waiting a few months until the price of the 635 drops and purchasing that through amazon. The 635 is beautiful; It reminds me of a premium and more solid feeling apple 5C (but of course it's not, it's a nokia.) which felt too cheap and fragile. I played with one at a local at&t store also, and I really love the feel of the phone. With that said though, I don't see how the 635 is the successor to the 520 considering a lot of cuts from the 520. The camera shutter button is gone, the pixel density is lower, there are no physical windows buttons (although i really do like the touch ones more since you can always see them versus the 520 where they don't light up or anything), and you can't use the phone with gloves on where you can on the 520. These aren't major differences, just the ones I noticed.

    I'm asking the crowd out there who has the lumia 520 if they have jumped shipped over to the 635 and what your experience has been with the phone, if it's worth it, if you feel it is a true upgrade, etc. Or if the 520 is actually the better phone despite the internal hardware (dual core vs quad core); so that's basically my question! Should I purchase another 520 while the price is right for backup? Or should I take my time and wait until the price drops of the 635 close to $50 if it's worth it? Nokia Lumia 520 vs Nokia Lumia 635!?
    09-07-2014 08:09 PM
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    You could wait for the price drop which is certain to happen.
    I've said before the 635 is an $89.00 phone even though I jumped in for the initial on-line price tag from HSN.

    For me the Lumia 635 is a scale up from the 520\521 it's not just a new model...it's a better low cost phone.
    Like a number of others on WPC I went from the 521 to a 925 and now to the 635.

    Actually preferring the 635 over the 925 as of late.
    The 635 is my everyday device in pocket.
    My 925 is pretty much just a camera now.
    The two 521's we have are in a drawer waiting for CYAN from T-Mobile or to be moved on to someone else.

    As an older retired person who is still a tech junkie the lower line smartphones fit well.

    To end I have no regrets buying the 635.

    (**Noted in another thread my wife has the L635 now also and is becoming dazzled by the smartphone and WP in general.
    09-07-2014 11:53 PM

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