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    Hi, I seem to be having issues with my apn settings on my Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920. When I got the phone a few months back it took me 3 days to find the correct settings for my data and mms messaging. However I did figure out how to get them working. Now my problem is that I just recently moved from Louisiana to Nebraska and for some reason as soon as I arrived in my new home my Data and MMS messaging has completely stopped working. I've called Straight Talk to see if they could help me but they ended up giving me the exact same settings I had set on my phone already and to no avail. I'm terribly upset that it was working before and now has just stopped working all together. My little sister has recently become engaged and I'm being left out of alot of the wedding planning because I cannot receive or download the group text messages between her, my mother and my elder sister. If anyone has any idea of how I can remedy this problem PLEASE HELP!!!! A smart phone is useless without being able to connect to the internet and run apps when I am away from my Wi-Fi. Thanks :)
    09-08-2014 01:47 PM

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