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    i have an upgrade for att in a month or 2 and idk what to do
    so i used to be a hardcore follower, and kinda got lost with all the updates and info when 8.1 and cyan and what was official and what was dev stuff anyways ive gone from a focus to 900 to 920 to now the 925, i think i may just take my moms 1020but at the same time i am a huge fan of the htc m8, im ashamed to say haha, had wp for many years now, if i stay wp i want to stay nokia/microsoft whatever that thing is now, but android on the m8 is very nice... and i know that the m8 runs wp but you dont get lumia firmware stuff...

    let me know what you guys think:)
    09-09-2014 11:55 AM

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