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    So I've always love the UI of Pandora on my HTC 8x its much cleaner and smoother- a much better experience overall than with android devices. It took me all of a day though to figure out that were missing a whole bunch of features (artist bio, lyrics, station details to name a few). I've been writing Pandora every few weeks since then and I finally got what seems to be a straight forward answer and I want to make sure I've understood it correctly.
    "Thanks for writing and for checking out Pandora on your Windows Phone 8. I will note this on our end.

    At this time, the individual manufacturer is responsible for the implementation of the applications, and it does lack a few features that Pandora on the other mobile apps do have.

    Pandora for Windows Phone 8 does not currently include Backstage pages (artist bios, lyrics, discography) or social features like the personal profile, music activity feed and sharing capabilities to Twitter and Facebook.

    For additional information about Pandora on the Windows Phone, please contact Microsoft Support gethelp.live.com/en-us/Pages/wp8.aspx."

    the link is practically useless but from what I understand is if we have a problem with the Pandora app for WP then I have to actually complain to Microsoft about it. Is this true?
    09-13-2014 01:13 PM
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    Nope, that was a lazy answer to get you off their backs it would have been true if Microsoft was the developer / publisher listed on the Store.

    The publisher listed is Pandora, however Microsoft may have developed the app and given it to Pandora. Even then it is Pandora's responsibility to get these features implemented via their own developers or Microsoft.

    As Microsoft can't simply go around and updating apps that they don't publish on a whim, it would be like doing deliveries for the Royal Mail just because their service is really bad.
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    09-13-2014 03:20 PM

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