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    Had a major problem a year or so ago with my Lumia 820 where syncing music resulted in repeated copies of songs and playlists. This was "solved" by O2 giving me a Lumia 925 (thanks O2). The problem was all over the forums and, as ever, was getting only silence from Microsoft. (It was the lack of support from Microsoft that persuaded O2 to give me the replacement phone.)
    Well, since the latest series of upgrades from Microsoft the problem has returned and now my Lumia 925, which was OK, syncs multiple copies of playlists including playlists that Windows Explorer says aren't even in the PC folder.
    Whoever writes the sync program - Windows Phone for Desktop - simply doesn't understand how the file system on Windows PC works and the syncing process is ignoring file status flags and copying over files (playlists in this case) that have been deleted. In Windows systems, deleted files are, of course, not in fact deleted they are simply flagged as such, Any program reading a folder list not honouring this will pick up all sorts of debris.
    And that's what this latest version of Windows Phone for Desktop is doing and it's driving me mad. So f#*'ing careless.
    I've reset my Lumia 925 back to factory defaults. I've recreated the music folder but, just like last time, none of this has any effect. I'm getting to the end of the line with my support for Windows phone. People with iPhones and Android (I also have a Samsung S3) simply don't report these kinds of bugs and other failures.
    OS details: Windows PC - MS Windows 7 64-bit SP1, Lumia 925 - Lumia Cyan (Windows 8.1)
    09-14-2014 08:11 AM

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