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    I currently have an HTC 8x unlocked on T-Mobiles network and while the phone is great there are a few things that are making me consider my other options. I've been looking at 2 phones in particular.
    The first is the Lumia 930. I like windows phone and the 930 is a work of art when it comes to design, screen and camera and those are probably the main reasons why I want it so much. But that probably won't happen unless they release a north American version cause I am not switching to Verizon and I am tired of having spotty data service.
    The second is the Sony xperia z1 compact. It has all of the bands to work on T-Mobile or at&T and it has great design and camera but I've heard mixed reviews on the screen itself.

    Does the current 930 have the proper bands to work well on at&T?

    Can anyone share some input on the z1 compacts screen?(keep in mind I have an 8x and I'm completely happy with my screen)

    what is the latest news on the possible release of a NA Lumia 930?
    09-14-2014 05:57 PM

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