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    Sometimes things take an unexpected turn...

    I ordered a Lumia 635 in August, from the Spanish Amazon website. It arrived and, after a couple of weeks of fiddling with it, I discovered three issues:
    - headphones occasionally not being detected
    - the loudspeaker having rather poor sound (I did not report this issue to Amazon since it did not fit in the 200 characters allowed)
    - a bright blue stuck pixel

    I proceeded to ask Amazon for a replacement. The replacement has arrived, and I decided to keep the old one while I check the new one, just in case. Well, lo and behold, the new one has two of these three issues:
    - headphones occasionally not being detected
    - a bright blue stuck pixel (in a different location)

    I had heard that people returning too much stuff to Amazon got banned, so instead of just asking for another replacement I decided to send them an email first asking if that is OK. I was expecting a reply like "Yes, we can send you yet another replacement" or "No, sorry, you must either keep one of these phones or return both of them for a refund".

    Instead, Amazon pulled the 635 from their Spanish website (and offered to give me a full refund for both phones):
    Nokia Lumia 635 - Smartphone libre Windows Phone (pantalla 4.5", cmara 5 Mp, 8 GB, Quad-Core 1.2 GHz, 512 MB RAM), naranja [importado] - Electrnica - Amazon.es

    To be honest, I feel this is a bit of over-reaction, although I thoroughly appreciate Amazon's stance of putting the customer first. From the stellar reviews here on WPC I assume I just got two lemons in a row, which is unlucky (and may indicate relatively low quality standards), but I was not expecting my inquiry to result in Amazon pulling the product.

    So, now I am asking the WPC community what I should do. My end goal is to have a functioning 635 without the above flaws, I really like this phone and would be more than happy with it if it didn't have these problems.

    I have considered contacting Nokia or Microsoft, saying that I am the user whose complaints caused this and offering to collaborate with them, but how should I contact them?
    Or can you think of a better way to solve this issue?
    @mods, I know you guys have contacts with Nokia/MSFT. If you could tell me who I should contact, it would be very appreciated.
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