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    Ok, I have a lumia 925 that I have NOT had for 12 months yet, I've had for about 9-10 months so far...So last month I scheduled for it to get sent in for repair by nokia,and the site correctly acknowledged that it was under warrenty still.Then I ended up taking too long to send the phone out to them and I think I threw out the paper that your supposed to stick to the box that you ship your phone in....So now that that's all done and over with, a month later I am ready to try to send it out for repair,but all of a sudden when I type in my imei number in at nokia.com, they state that it's out of warrenty, and I don't understand how that's possible...SO is this because of me never sending in my phone last month, or what else could this be...OH and on the page it still gives me the option to send it in to them for repair tho,so does this mean they'll still repair it for free, or will they just send it back because of it SUPPOSEDLY being out of wareenty...sorry for the long story
    09-16-2014 08:52 PM

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