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    I'm using the Lumia 625 running Windowphone 8.1. But I do not understand why Windows Phone has released so many updates but the feature VIBE CONTINUOUSLY WHY RINGING is not yet available. Vibration on Windows Phone is too short. This is a needed BASIC called feature and lack of it cause annoying for consumer. It makes people miss a lot of calls ( especially when on street or noisy place), in this case, can't hear the ringtone though max volume. If we want vibration longer, we are indisposed to choose the short ringtones by default. And it makes people have to consider when choosing Windows Phone although WDP has many good points. Microsoft should has the answer for this probIem to consumer. And finally, i hope Microsoft will update this feature as soon as possible in the 8.1 Update 3.
    09-19-2014 01:23 AM

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