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    Hey all,
    Bit of a novice here so pleased be gentle lol

    I have a nokia 720 for me and 620 for my daughter and am slightly confused on the music side.
    I am presuming most just use the music xbox app.....

    Basically not to bothered about my music collection, more the download side.

    My daughter occasionally likes to download a song, fine, iTunes I used to just register a voucher and once she ran out that's it !

    So, bit irritated here. I purchased a windows store prepaid card but from what I can tell this only does the apps side and not the music.
    So, from what I can see Xbox music will only accept debit card or my phone provider account (doesn't even accept Xbox live prepaid cards from what ive been told)

    Surely this is silly having to register different types of payments etc etc
    I do not want to register a card online with xbox, in case my daughter downloads loads of stuff.

    Basically I want a way to control my daughters purchase limit for music downloads....

    Love windows phone but feel the music side is ridiculously complicated and restrictive.

    ANY other suggestions rearly appreciated,

    09-22-2014 03:43 AM

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