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    I had had Windows Phone since April 2013. My first phone stopped working for reasons unknown [lumia 920]. My second phone screen got cracked recently and for my birthday I received a Nokia Lumia 1020 about which I was very excited. That is until I dropped my phone on tile and screen cracked. This is was very upsetting because my phone isn't even a month old and I already have it cracked. But the catch here is that only the glass is broken, not the whole screen. For example if you look at it at a certain angle (underneath the screen) it is not even that broken. That leaves me to ask what should or can I do. Sure I can "tough" it out but that is 2 years I have to wait :( . That is a long time. I recently saw a commercial at Radio Shack that they fix phones for as low as $60. I was very excited until I read somewhere that it is impossible to fix a screen for $60 because parts cost $150. My question here is can I get my phone fixed for under $80. Also know a good way to prevent that from happening in future.
    09-22-2014 04:15 PM
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    Here is a very good seller of LCD assemblies on eBay
    Nokia Lumia 1020 LCD Screen Display Digitizer Touch Panel Fully Assembled | eBay

    While it is not $80 it is a bit less than $150 especially if you are not in California, otherwise you pay tax. Watch a few videos on You Tube and fix it yourself, it is not a very difficult repair.
    09-22-2014 05:59 PM

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