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    Hello everyone!

    I'm not a hardcore player, so I don't really mind not having in our store every single game the other platforms have; however, I do recognize the importance of having them in order for our platform to grow and gain popularity. So after talking to a friend of mine who likes Hay Day and is kind of mad because her friends with Android devices can play but she can't do it on her phone, I decided to find out if there's at least an alternative to Hay Day or a third party client.

    I haven't found anything like it although I might be wrong because--I repeat--I'm not a hardcore player. Nevertheless, I did find a poll in another thread from our forums. It's a poll Supercell is running in their official website to know how many people want a Windows 8 Hay Day app. When I clicked on the link, I was expecting to find at least hundreds if not thousands of votes asking for it, but to my dismay, there are only 17 voters and to top it all four of them voted "no."

    I really think we all should vote for a "yes" whether we're planning to play it or not. We have to show them some enthusiasm and let them know we are alive and eager to have that app in our store. We have a big community and we alone can make a huge difference to bring in developers. Every day, I read dozens of comments in the articles where many of you complain about not having a specific app or game. But when we have the opportunity to bring those apps and games to our platform by doing something so simple as voting in a poll, we just don't do it.

    So please take two minutes of your time and vote in the following poll: hxxp://forum.supercell.net/showthread.php/333344-Windows-8-App

    NOTE: I'm not allowed to post links yet, so you'll need to change the "xx" in the above URL address for a "tt".

    In the meanwhile, can anyone point me to an alternative to Hay Day, please? Thanks in advance :)

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