1. Talk4Lig's Avatar
    I just have one scratch on Lumia 920, and I'm thinking about display replace/repair. However, if it would be too expensive, i would just pass. Thanks for any help
    09-25-2014 05:57 AM
  2. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    09-25-2014 06:04 AM
  3. HaibaneReki's Avatar
    First of all You probably just need a digitizer - not a whole display unit.

    I just recently replaced mine - gosh what an experience. First I ordered two (for me and a friend) from Hong Kong - pretty cheap. Though one of them didn't work at all and the other was complete crap - random clicks, very dim. Another one cost me around 1000CZK (1USD = cca 17CZK) and still it's not as good as the original though it's the official OEM replacement part. You can even see the little tiny touch circuits under the glass. I'm even told one can't get the exact same as is in the new devices.

    TLDR - if the scratches are not too bad - it's not worth the hassle and worse hardware..
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    09-25-2014 06:07 AM
  4. Talk4Lig's Avatar
    CZK? Are you from Czech republic? (Because I'm from Slovakia). And what about original display digitizer from Nokia? How much is that? Because I don't want to buy cheap replicas just for cheaper price...
    Edit: Sorry, I didn't noticed the Nlarue's post. 50 is pretty expensive just for one scratch. I think I'll pass, but thanks for the info folks
    09-25-2014 07:35 AM
  5. HaibaneReki's Avatar
    Yup, made in south Bohemia, currently living in Prague.

    Fun fact, my current not exactly as good as new digitizer was bought in a Slovakian e-shop ;)
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    09-26-2014 01:43 AM

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