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    I recently got my first Windows phone, a Lumia 930, and I am overall very happy with the design and feel of the OS. However, one thing really bothers me and that is how the animations sometimes stutter slightly.

    - When I open my mail box and open a mail, the animation very often lags a bit when the text flies in. If I open another mail without going away from the mail app, it is always smooth - just not for the first mail opened when entering the app.

    - Sometimes when I go to the start screen the animation of the tiles stutters when they glide in.

    - When unlocking the phone and scrolling up and down on the start screen is not always smooth.

    -A lot of apps, including the standard News app as well as the WP central app, has slight stuttering when scrolling, it's like it stops for a split-second a number of times when scrolling. It is only when I let it "fly" by itself - if I keep my finger on the screen to scroll, it is always smooth as far as I can tell.

    Is this just how it is, or is there something I could do to fix this issue? It's a brand new phone and I haven't installed anything extraordinaire on it. It would be the perfect phone for me if all the animations were just really smooth, as I think they look really cool :)

    I hope someone can help me out a bit. Thanks :)
    09-26-2014 09:47 AM

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