1. WPCentral Question's Avatar
    I have the HTC One M8 Windows phone running the latest preview for developers. I just got the phone and transferred all my data from my Nokia 928. Now when I go into notifications + actions none of my apps are showing up so I can change the sounds IE facebook, twitter, NFL. The only ones showing up are Email, Messaging, Phone, and store that's it. Why are my other apps that had this feature on my 928 not showing here on the HTC? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
    09-27-2014 05:55 PM
  2. Aresjr21's Avatar
    Have all of the apps finish installing yet? Try power cycling the device. If still nothing try reinstalling one of the apps, say FB to see if it shows up in the notification action center.
    09-27-2014 06:51 PM
  3. dans95tbird's Avatar
    Yeah, I tried all that and still nothing...I'm at a loss
    09-27-2014 06:55 PM
  4. Aresjr21's Avatar
    Only other option would be to attempt to wipe the device (hard reset) and restore from backup to see if it corrects the problem. Before try opening each app to make sure it is not waiting for the initial sign in to allow toast notifications.
    09-27-2014 07:38 PM
  5. dans95tbird's Avatar
    Ok, I'll try that and get back to you. Thanks
    09-27-2014 08:05 PM
  6. spampy2's Avatar
    You have to get a notification from the app for you to see it in the list. Send yourself a facebook message or a tweat and they will show up for you to change sounds
    09-28-2014 06:53 PM

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