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    In WP 8.0, the music app "MusicPlayer 8," I could view my music by Song, Album, Artist and Genre. All fine and the same as the included Xbox Music app. The wonderful thing about MusicPlayer 8 was that when I clicked through to a genre (say for example "Electronica") I was presented with a list of all of the albums in that genre. Very intuitive and helpful. I have a 64GB card and have a tone of mucic so sorting by genre into albums is very helpful. The built in Music app simply dumped all of the songs from all the albums.., which is not helpful when any one genre may have up to 50 albums.

    With the 8.1 update, the built in music app still dumps all the songs by genre but now, so does MusicPlayer 8. I've downloaded a number of music apps and they all do the same thing.

    Please please please please oh god, is there any music app that simply acts like an ipod or a Zune and will give me the albums (instead of the songs) in a genre? I genuinely love Windows Phone but this is a deal killer for me. I use my phone for music all of the time and not being able sub slelect by genre and then into the albums in that genre is a no go for me.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated!! I don't want to switch to an iPhone. I hate iTunes and love my tiles.
    09-30-2014 09:10 PM

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