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    I received txt message with pictures, but repeatedly "could not connect to network", even tho' I'm sitting next to my home modem. I searched around on windowsphone.com & finally got connected. I still received the "could not connect to network" error for 5-10 minutes & finally saw the pix.

    My searching for solution of the above question repeatedly got references to win8.1. My Samsung Odyssey is set for auto phone updates & I've manually asked for updates, but it stays at 8.0 Is this phone just a "cheapie" that won't be updated? The online how to graphics don't match what I see on my phone.

    I use my phone very little . . . never exceeding my basic plan limits . . . but I thought that I'd be able to do the "advertized stuff". Why should I buy an 18-wheeler (I-phone) if my needs require only a smart car? The basic operations should work the same for all.

    For instance, how to's tell me to use the action center, but then point out that this is only for 8.1. Will this phone ever be updated?

    I apologize for ranting, but I'm really frustrated.
    10-02-2014 06:43 PM

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