1. Meenakshi Ramanathan's Avatar
    Microsoft/Nokia should understand that contacts are not always having email addresses. There are numerous 'phone only' contacts. If I have a file like that in LAPTOP (from my old phone) there should be a way Windows Phone / Lumia should pick it up. In Windows world it is taking a tour to Mars and coming back - like create CSV, upload contacts to any email client then map it using People etc. The problem here is, when you map it has the email contacts already in email client as well - which I don't want to mix with normal phone contacts.

    Email contacts are email contacts - phone contacts are phone contacts.

    Lumia 520, my first windows phone - it was a nightmare to bring contacts into phone - spent 2 full days unnecessarily.

    You plan for 'complicated genius people' and not for 'simple layman'. Why not a simple tool in the phone / simple apps that can pick the file and store in phone contacts book... :-(
    10-04-2014 10:14 PM
  2. Funky Cricket's Avatar
    Realistically most people have all their contacts stored with and online provider. Even phone only. Either Gmail, outlook.com, yahoo, you get the idea. Local only contacts are a dying concept. You can import all the csv's into online contacts and it will sync
    10-04-2014 11:50 PM

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