1. kamaal_4's Avatar
    So, the Nokia Lumia 930 is releasing in India next week at 39k approx. I have the Lumia 920, and plan on upgrading to 930. But, since it'd basically been launched as the icon back in Feb, it would be a year old in the next four months. So, is it worth buying it now or waiting for the next flagship?

    PS a huge Nokia fan, so considering this is probably the last flagship with Nokia in the name is also a huge factor.
    Thanks in advance
    10-05-2014 04:54 AM
  2. Amithsiji's Avatar
    Even I am at the same dilemma...So the alternate question is what are my options against Lumia 930? Personally I am a Windows Phone addict, more over a true Nokia fan. So my options limits to 1520 only. Its now under 35K. But there are two problems
    1. Huge Screen
    2. Design not so good compared to 930.

    So L930 wins for me. But the prise of Rs 38900 is the MRP I guess, so the retail price will be less than that. So I would suggest wait till Xmas in order to get it a better prise.

    Now if you like other phones that run Android then check which one is on par with L930?

    Sony Z2/Z3. I think Z2 is still costlier to L930 but on what basis? Why coz they are waterproof? Well I wont pay extra for this feature. Z3 is priced at 50K and god know for what :)

    Then what Galaxy S5? Well same like above. The camera unit of L930 is way above all these and no qstn on build quality...
    10-05-2014 11:24 AM
  3. unnatixlr8's Avatar
    Wait till dhanteras. For English readers it's a festival for buying products. I am sure the price would go down on flipkart.
    10-05-2014 11:28 AM
  4. Deepak's Avatar
    Wait for a month, only! You'll get it for less than ₹35K. - That's a common answer, I know!

    Or wait for Diwali! You'll get lots of offers for it'll be a festive season.
    10-05-2014 11:31 AM
  5. psoham777's Avatar
    Yeah right
    10-05-2014 11:36 AM
  6. Deepak's Avatar
    Who will buy 930 when the price of iPhone 5s is less that it's price?? :P
    10-25-2014 03:02 AM
  7. Avi Wadhwa's Avatar
    Any ssensible person would buy L930 over iphone 5s or even 6s.. -_-
    ajcletus500 likes this.
    10-25-2014 03:41 AM
  8. Deepak's Avatar
    Any ssensible person would buy L930 over iphone 5s or even 6s.. -_-
    Like me :P
    I really hate all other OSes other than WP. So, I would always buy a WP over an iPhone :) But L930 is far too expensive in India and also very bulky, right? L830 is very thin indeed.
    ajcletus500 likes this.
    10-25-2014 04:01 AM

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