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    Here's some technical info. Lumia 810 running dev preview wp8.1 update 1. The phone is wp developer unlocked via the MS Windows Phone Developer Registration PC application. Used MS Application Deployment app to deploy off of PC.

    Here's my situation. The latest version of Tetris Blitz v1.8.x.x tends to be REALLY slow and is crashing at some points. Because of this I want to revert to v1.7xx which I previously had on SD.

    What I've attempted so far: When I tried to install the backed up version using the "install local" option it states that there is an app, but it's out of date and will need an update after install off SD. This never takes place as it doesn't really list the app in order for me to install.
    I then did some research and ended up installing the above PC apps in order to assist. First dev unlocked the phone, then installed the PC software for deployment. The Application Deployment app states that the tetris app is invalid. Why is this? Are the older versions of apps "deactivated" or "blacklisted" if a new updated one is published?

    Thanks in advance for the assistance.
    10-08-2014 09:10 AM

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