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    I use podcast picker to identify podcasts but I usually listen to those podcasts via streaming. (Podcast picker is great btw, I recommend it). The problem with all of the podcast programs is that you can't use SD card memory and my 822 is at its 12g limit. So I'm wondering about manually loading podcasts to the sd card. Is there a particular program to play those podcasts that I should be using? The native music app sort of works, except that, of course, it doesn't pick up the podcast where you left off--when you come back to the podcast you simply start over. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I've been very happy with the 822. Given that I use it so much, memory is at capacity, and it's almost two years old, I'm thinking of changing. My original thought there was the icon (I'm on verizon), but obviously that's no longer an option. I'd like to stay with the smaller form factor. We'll see.
    10-10-2014 04:23 PM

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