1. emichalo's Avatar
    Is there a way to export diet tracking and other data from the cloud based MSN Health and Fitness?I was able to do this on the Bing HealthVault cloud site before Microsoft stopped the sync capability and support of HealthVault. This sudden change by Microsoft made me loose valuable data that it took great effort to collect over a long period of time.

    If not is there another app that I can use in place of MSN Health and Fitness on my phone which syncs with a cloud based site and has the capability of importing and exporting data?
    10-11-2014 02:56 AM
  2. Aresjr21's Avatar
    Have you thought about trying Fitbit?
    10-12-2014 04:09 AM
  3. emichalo's Avatar
    Thank you for the information. I have downloaded it to try it.
    10-16-2014 06:10 AM
  4. emichalo's Avatar
    I tried Fitbit. It does have an export option. Unfortunately this is available only in the premium edition which costs about $40 / year subscription. The free edition does not have this option. For my case my desire to personally manipulate the data this extra cost is not worth the price. If someone has other more important use it might be worthwhile. In addition I dislike the trend of any companies which try to charge for options in the software which are so basic and where available in the past. They have no cost for new development. I can see charging for development costs of new or enhanced capabilities.
    10-29-2014 07:57 AM

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