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    Here's 2 great things you may not know about (this may work with the 930 too)

    Go to app store and download SYSapp pusher.... This will give you installs such as Nokia beta camera and the excellent EXTRA settings to increase your brightness by an extra 80%. If you have your brightness to full on the settings...believe me....you don't....this also lets you add more contrast and other screen features. Also you can get extra features for your glance screen too.

    GET ALBUM ART IN 8.1 yes........ We all know that album art is hard to get on our phone when we transfer our music from computer to phone/SD card. MPAtool doesn't work for 8.1 BUT.......rather then drag and drop music to your SD card/ phone....do it instead using windows media player. YOU WILL THEN GET ALBUM ART AND CAN CHANGE YOUR ALBUM ART TOO (drag your music to the right of the screen then press sync)

    hope this help guys. Please give a like and a thanks too as much appreciated 👍
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    10-12-2014 01:35 PM

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