1. RealtorTechGuy's Avatar
    Simply awesome!!! Got my Lumia 930 today. So far I can say this is a HUGE upgrade from my Lumia 920. Data access from Rogers has always been spotty at my home (cell reception overall is pretty bad) but there are a few locations that get LTE near me. During tests at these specific locations, phone displays 4G and sometimes H+, not LTE. Running Speedtest is not a true test as it is "clean". But was getting 50MBPS+ reports while the phone was displaying 4G. Amazing. Can honestly say the surfing was just as if not faster than on the 920.

    Display is beautiful, bright, crisp and clean.

    Have not had a full battery cycle and have been hammering the device a great deal getting it setup, but looks like performance is good.

    Wife has the 830, that is an excellent device, 930 is just that much better. Weight I think is the biggest in terms of physical use, 930 is heavier feels high quality it that is eh. The weight feels more comfortable to use. 830 is actually much longer than 930. Display is superior on 930.

    Feels likes the device is faster and smoother but have not done side-by-side testing with either 830 or 920.

    No Denim yet so need to research that a bit.

    Received a few updates and the typical Dev Prev updates but nothing else. Have not researched any OS version numbering though.

    Build quality is outstanding.

    Was very concerned about data and I have 0 issue.

    In fact Rogers confirms that LTE is on 2600 MHZ frequency which is supported. I know there is a great deal about frequencies and bands discussions and I by no means claim to know much but according to multiple Rogers techs & documents their LTE is only on 2600 MHZ. Yes I know this will get a lot of comments. But that is what MY research has led me to believe and in practice I get excellent data speeds.

    Was in love with the 920. Typically I am the guy to upgrade immediately when a new device comes out. Have used my 920 since release day. Never felt a need to upgrade but it is now "old" and really felt like getting a new device. 930 for me is going to be an excellent upgrade.

    Struggled to get the 830 but few tech specs I felt were not up to par, did not feel a huge leap from the 920 and do not like the USB port on the top.

    So far after a few hours of use I am one very happy Lumia 930 owner.
    10-27-2014 12:07 AM
  2. Suicide Stacey's Avatar
    Congrats on your new phone ๐Ÿ˜Š I have the 1520 and know how fast the 930 is as its more or less the same. If you really want to test out the power of your phone then download modern combat 4 or 5...... You will be blown away by what it can handle ๐Ÿ˜Š
    10-27-2014 11:39 AM
  3. RealtorTechGuy's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip. I will say the 930 does seem to get hot at times. But still very impressive device.
    10-28-2014 12:56 AM
  4. Rostyslav Gryvnak1's Avatar
    What about Lumia VS iPhone for example 5S?
    10-28-2014 09:30 AM
  5. RealtorTechGuy's Avatar
    Have never used Apple products at all. What little I have used of the iPhone or even Android, and by little I mean 15 mins, I did not like. It is amazing that the iPhone keyboard for ever displays CAPS only. It is odd to me the case does not change as you type. One major flaw I see in iPhone. Clearly that is not a concern for the 10 million plus iPhone 6 users but for me just really really odd.
    10-29-2014 01:01 AM

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