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    Hey folks,

    I'm deciding on my next Windows Phone and I'm kind of torn between the Blu Win Jr and the Lumia 635. The 635 has a really nice screen and LTE support (though I'm not too worried about LTE for my use case). The Blu Win Jr on the other hand is unlocked, has a front facing camera and flash so I'm leaning more towards that but I wanted to gauge the community opinion to see if it's really worth getting over the 635.

    My use case is mostly for the run of the mill stuff such as calls, text, browsing, email and such. I also like to do light gaming including the use of an emulator to play game boy games but my concern is the snapdragon 200 which I'm not sure if it can handle that or not. I have a few questions to ask the Blu Win Jr owners.

    1. How does the camera compare to the Lumia 635? Is it as good, or worse even with the flash?

    2. Given that it has a Snapdragon 200, what's the performance for day to day use like? Is it as good or is it a little laggier?

    3. What's the screen quality like? I understand that it doesn't have Gorilla Glass or Clearback but is it still workable?

    Those are the big things that I'm concerned about because otherwise, the Win Blu Jr seems like a really nice phone. Thanks in advance for any insight that you can give!
    11-01-2014 06:53 PM

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