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    My os is:8.0.10517.150 wht is mean which gdr ?
    And why i can't updated to 8.1
    11-06-2014 02:27 PM
  2. RumoredNow's Avatar
    We need way more info to help... Like what model, carrier and what it says in your extra + info (does it still say Lumia Black for instance?)...

    You could also try looking here for the latest update status based on your location, model and carrier: Software update for Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8 - Nokia

    If it looks like you are due an update and it just isn't coming there could be other factors at play and we might need even more info to diagnose a cause (like a phone unlocked from a carrier and on another service not matching its branding).

    Worst case; you could always run Nokia Software Recovery Tool to install a missing update/upgrade. It does wipe your data, but always flashes the most up-to-date version to your phone.

    FAQ - How can I recover/reset/restore my phone software? - Microsoft - USA

    Be sure to make a good backup before using the Recovery Tool...
    11-06-2014 05:42 PM

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