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    I got a new Nokia Lumia 929 on october 3, 2014 and it worked perfectly until 11/10/14. Starting that date, my phone began running very hot, and was draining battery at an unbelievable rate even when not in use. Further issues were the fact that I stopped receiving emails through any account. It appeared that my phone began having trouble syncing emails. I had changed nothing, it just starting having these issues. I have done three factory resets (1 soft, 2 hard) and was sent a new replacement phone. The new phone has all the same issues, as well as being unable to access backup assistant plus. I have spent 4 evenings in two different stores, averaging 3-4 hours each session, working with Verizon tech, Nokia, and Microsoft. Microsoft put us on hold for an hour and 40 minutes tonight and we finally hung up. The clerks and tech people at the stores and I have read every purported fix and tried all of them, none of them work. We've changed the server addresses, turned a variety of settings off, then on as per recommended fixes, everything you can thing of. The majority of recommended fixes proposed by Verizon, Nokia and Microsoft are completely ridiculous and it is obvious no one understands the problem at all at any technical level. When I went to a store to have my simm card transferred to the new phone, it wouldn't recognize my Microsoft account and I was told by one extremely rude clerk it was my problem and to call Microsoft. Part of my data has transferred now but the syncing and "not up to date" messages and problems persist. I am unable to send text messages to some people until I receive one from them. I WAS pleased with my phone but these issues and the absolute lack of help I've received from all parties have made me so frustrated, upset and angry I am ready to abandon having a phone period. And yes, I've repeatedly tried shutting down the phone, but most of the time it shuts down then immediately reboots.
    11-19-2014 02:13 AM
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    Is the phones date and time correct?
    Syncing will be affected when the date is incorrect.

    Have a look thru the Lumia Icon forum subsection here about overheating and battery drain:
    Nokia Lumia Icon - Windows Central Forums

    I've had a bit of trouble in those areas with my 925 in the past.
    My bugs were update related however.
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    11-19-2014 02:38 AM

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