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    I will be purchasing a Nokia lumia 822 from amazon and I have a few questions about the updating process. It would be greatly appreciated if someone or a few people could answer these questions.

    1.)The phone comes with windows 8(upgradable to amber) yet black and the preview for developers are also available. So my question about that is, will the phone skip amber and go to black or update to one then the other? Before I install dp 8.1.

    2.)I know the action center is a big step up for windows phones along with cortana and the rest of the stuff that comes with the dp update but, how much is the battery life affected by the updates compared to not updating at all?

    3.)How much internal memory does each update take up along with all of the updates for the apps that are already preinstalled into the phone?
    11-20-2014 05:19 PM

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