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    I ended a term with an htc 8s on TELUS recently, and started a new term with a Nokia lumia 830 on Bell. one of the best parts of being on TELUS was charging music purchases to my phone bill. Now the big question is, can i charge music to my Bell account and pay it with my cell bill on Bell? I have only payed my first bill, but the Bell payment option is still nowhere to be seen.

    i have a few ideas on what might happen, but im not sure.
    -do i have to wait until my second pay period?
    -theres something in my Bell account that i cant find that has to be changed
    -visit a Bell store to have something changed
    -Bell doesnt allow charges with their cell bills (even though theres an "other charges" section on the bill
    11-21-2014 12:41 PM

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