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    So here's my story:
    I was happily waking up from my beloved "body recharge session" Lol, when suddenly I flip the touch cover, unlock the Surface and I notice that the letter "G" what going crazy; It was clicking and clicking on its own, I would usually fix this by removing the cover and re-connecting it.
    This was my case until like 2 days ago, when this same "G" key stopped working. Every other key works just except that "G" key. Since I haven't had any time to search the web for solutions or any problems that might have caused the problem, I left it like it was.
    So now I'm worried because I've literally tried everything I found out there, except exposing the touch cover to alcohol and that kind of stuff.
    Are any of you experiencing the same problems? Any of you fixed this? Any of you know the solution to this? Please help, I would reeeeally appreciate it!
    By the way, I have the latest updates, latest drivers, all of that and (obviously) a Surface 2 with the first touch cover.
    Thanks in advance! :)
    11-25-2014 05:15 PM

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