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    I use headphones to listen to my music, but it appears they suddenly stopped working. You see, I fully plug in the headphone jack and when I listen to my music (or, any sound from videos, games, etc.) it sounds heavily distorted and is just unbearable.

    However, when I pull the jack up a bit as in not letting it be fully locked inside my phone's hole, it sounds how it used to do before. Why does that happen and is there any way I can fix it?
    12-01-2014 11:24 AM
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    As odd as it sounds, try rebooting first. There have been glitches where the sound was off, or the switch that detected when headphones were plugged in wasn't working, and rebooting the phone should be step one.

    If the reboot doesn't solve the issue, a little more information would help.

    What phone are you using?

    Are you using a case that could restrict the headphone jack as it is entering the phone?

    Have you tried other headphones, or do you have other headphones you can try to see if the problem is in the phone or the headphones?

    Do you headphones have a microphone and a button? In other words, how many conductors are on the tip of the headphone jack that plugs into your phone? Is it a TRS connector ( Phone connector (audio) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) or TRRS connector ( Phone connector (audio) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )
    12-01-2014 01:22 PM

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