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    At the beginning my Lumia was working wonderful, then after about 3 months the headphones stopped working.
    When I plug them nothing changes, the phone still works on the speakers.
    After soft reset the headphones sometimes are recognized, sometimes are not.
    It's not the problem where one speaker doesn't work.

    I've read numerous threads about it and never seen answer, therefore I'm posting what I've done until now:
    1. Soft reset, as mentioned, seems to solve the problem sometimes. Therefore the problem is in software, not hardware
    2. Hard reset did nothing
    3. Tried with four sets of headphones, so the problem is not in them.
    4. The problem occured after update of software
    12-03-2014 04:37 AM
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    This happened to mine a few months after buying one last year, I sent it in to get it looked at and they replaced the mother board as I got one with a different serial number back. It happened to that one as well and I sent that one back and got it replaced which I then sold it as I had enough problems with the 925 and got an iPhone.

    I still have one they sent me which get no signal that I want to fix but so far quality wise the iPhone 6 is much better than the 925, I miss WP but I don't miss having to deal with hardware problems every 2 1/2 months to ship out and get a loaner.
    12-03-2014 10:32 AM

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