1. LuisCamachoDev's Avatar
    I'm having this annoying problem, and only with the Meep sticker pack, the stickers have a thick black border around them.

    Looking closely at the smileys I can see they've been ... cached (?) in JPEG format rather than PNG, therefor the transparency is mangled.

    I've tried:
    - reboot the phone
    - uninstall the app
    - remove that sticker pack

    Nothing helps, I suspect this is happening because the app crashed and somehow this particular sticker pack was corrupted in the process, then it was synced/backed up to OneDrive.
    To try and fix this I've went to the OneDrive page that allows to delete the Windows synced settings and chose to delete all settings and then reinstall the app. Didn't help either.
    I'm not having the problem on my old phone so this is something wrong with this particular phone/cache.

    Any other ideas?
    12-03-2014 04:45 AM
  2. LuisCamachoDev's Avatar
    Bumping the topic, I've tried this last night:

    - Disabling sync app settings in my PC, Tablet and Phone
    - Delete the Messenger app (and the Windows Mail app since it was causing my troubles too)
    - Turn off all devices
    - Delete all synced settings in OneDrive in a separate computer (so no sync can occur)
    - Leave everything off duing the night (so the servers can act on the delete order above)
    - This morning I turned the phone on and installed the Messenger again, problem persists :(

    We can no longer install the Facebok Messenger in the SD Card, otherwise I'd delete the offending cache myself.
    Any other ideas?
    12-04-2014 03:52 AM
  3. LuisCamachoDev's Avatar
    Turns out this is a bug on Facebok Messenger itself... here's how I've made the logical mistake it was corrupted settings:

    1. I have a Lumia 620, FB Messenger was working correctly
    2. Bought a new phone, a Lumia 830 and installed stuff including the FB Messenger
    3. In the new phone that sticker pack display like that
    4. Reinstalling the app did not solve the issue, I assumed there was some corrupted settings store in OneDrive

    What actually happened:

    1. My old phone, the Lumia 620, had FB Messenger version 9.0.1
    2. The new phone installed FB Messenger version 9.0.5
    3. As soon as I update the app in the old phone I get the same problem as the new one
    4. I swear I'm getting dumber as I get older... :(

    Note to anyone reading this, ALWAYS CHECK THE APP VERSION NUMBERS. :/

    P.S.: I've already reported the error to Facebook.
    12-04-2014 07:08 AM

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