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    So, I just got my phone last thursday (dec 11th) and after reading a bunch of resources, none made it clear whether it was fixed for good or not (more likely).

    I'm currently running v. 8.10.14157.200 and realized there's awful hue when Auto Brightness is on (it's either purple or green, more often purple though).

    Then there's this red hue that appears in certain games (Age of Empires Castle Siege and Angry Birds Epic) and pictures (not sure what causes this).

    Also, I've noticed that ALL games look blurrier in this 1080p screen than on my previous Lumia 925 (768p AMOLED aswell).
    Not only 3rd party games, but also "simple" games from Microsoft like Mahjong.

    Lastly but not least important, when I scroll itens within a black background, there's this weird purple/red/pink outline glow as the items are moving, also texts look way too blurry.
    I've read somewhere that this is an AMOLED issue, well, on the Lumia 925 this was BARELY noticeable, to be honest I didn't even realize it until they said it was "normal" for AMOLED displays and I decided to give it a better look.
    On the Lumia 930 though, it's awful.

    That being said, what I wanna know is if this is "normal" behavior for the trash display Nokia employed in the L930 or should I bother to get a replacement?
    Since this isn't a constant issue (except for games), could a firmware/software upgrade could fix it?

    Sorry if I sound annoyed, but this is the first time ever that Nokia has let me down, if it was on a feature phone I wouldn't mind, but not on their god damn flagship!

    Thanks in advance!
    12-14-2014 11:18 AM

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