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    i'm planning to get a xbox one, but that region locking just pisses me off.i've been reading lately and some people say it's fine, but some say no,buy a ps4,pc masterrace,blahblahblaa.i actually , for xbox don't care about graphics, i care about games.i'm in a unsuporrted country.(i wont tell wich one).xbox one, in my opinion has better apps, lower tepms when playing games but what with xbox live?so when i look at ps4, maybe it isn't so bad.and if i don't have enough money do you think i should buy from ebay?i mean, it has 5 stars,best seller rating and that...
    12-15-2014 02:51 AM
  2. GrandGerminator's Avatar
    I don't understand your question, but if your country isn't supported by the Xbox Live so get a PS4, really.
    12-15-2014 04:18 AM
  3. Jas00555's Avatar
    Is the Xbox One region locked? I'm pretty sure that they got rid of that before the console even launched.
    12-15-2014 04:19 AM

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