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    I'm considering selling my Nexus 5 and get a Nokia Lumia 930, but i'm not quite sure yet.

    I went from the iPhone 5s (which I absolutely loved everything about), to OnePlus One and now Nexus 5.
    I really liked the OPO, but the 5.5 inch was just too big for me.

    I don't really like Android though, and Nexus 5 was supposed to be the 'best core Android experience'.
    This OS is very laggy, battery life is bad and for the first time in years i've seen apps crash almost everyday.

    I've been looking on the Lumia 930 for a while. I like the design, and there's something about WP that appeals to me. The thing is, I know MS will announce Windows 10 on phones this January, and i'm not sure that the 930 will be updated to Win 10, so right now i'm in between.

    My question to you guys: How do you like the Lumia 930? The good things, the bad things?
    12-17-2014 08:08 AM
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    I upgraded from a Lumia 920 to a Lumia 930 and haven't looked back. Used to be on a samsung galaxy S3 before that and the 930 beats it hands down for me. Especially with outlook integration for outlook 2013.
    On the slight downside, my phone has a slightly annoying habit of playing music from my music player after I complete a call. It rarely happens but its annoying when it does, and it's better (less frequent) than with the 920.
    A memory slot would be kind of nice, I had one on the old S3, but I've learned I didn't *really* need it, was just nice to have, but the 930s don't have it, however I still have over 1200 songs on my 32 GB built-in memory with plenty room for more. Every Galaxy owner who's looked at my screen has envied the crisp clear vivid display too.
    I use bluetooth a lot and this phone connection to my bluetooth hearing aid loop is just gold. The old S3 used to get stuck with the bluetooth and either not sync or drop out, but the 930 almost never loses connection unless I'm a long way from it (more than say 7-8 m).
    One other thing I really like is the contactless/wireless charging. Just place the phone onto a Qi charger and it'll recharge without having to plug cables in to the phone. I really like that feature, that the Galaxy S3 (and I think S4) doesn't have.
    What else would I improve? Can't think of anything right now. There's plenty of apps for just about anything I might want on the Store, and they're reasonably priced and lots of free ones too, and they can largely also be downloaded on my Win 8.1 PC too, with just the one purchase.
    OOh, I just thought of one feature I'd like: a screen rotation lock button, so I can set the screen viewing angle then lock it so I can pass the phone around to show off my pics to others. That would be really nice, but I don't think any of the phones do this either.
    12-18-2014 01:58 AM

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