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    So, I have nokia lumia 900, that after some time of trouble free use got black screen. Firstly, restart would briefly help, but after some use it went black again.But after 3-4 restarts, that didn't work either, screen got king of distorted during start up and turn itself off. So I kind of gave up on that phone (it was already old, and I was sure it was screen issue, and screen replacement is almost as expensive as the phone itself), but later I decided to sent it to service. And all they did (as far as I know) was reinstal system. And it worked, phone was fine again. For maybe 2 months. Than same problem again. This time, service guy replaced screen (wasn't as exspensive as i tought). And it worked fine again...for maybe a month...but than again black screen started to happen.
    But this time, after restart, phone worked fine until I locked it and left it a bit (with screen off ofcourse)...band after that it wouldn't turn up again. Of course, everything else was working, touch, sounds etc.
    I tried lumia recovery, it reverted system to wp 7.5. And after restart during recovery, this time even date and time was wrong (year 1980, some date, and time ! in the morning). Automatic adjustment, manual...no difference, it just went back to it's 80's night-time. And again, after lock and screen off, it will not turn screen again until restarted.

    So, anyone have any idea what is actual problem? I was sure that it was hardware, but why would that happen after some time of use... Of course, it's guarantee expired, adnI really don't want to bother service guy again, I don't think that he has time and will to actually find out what problem on my kind of old phone is...

    BTW, really sorry for long post, but I am really confused by this.
    12-18-2014 01:28 PM

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