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    I have been fed up camera of Lumia 1320 after Cyan firmware update . Will the Camera performance be enhanced after Lumia Denim Update ..........?

    I don't have nothing to show off with my Lumia right now , even in case of spending 20,000 Indian rupees.

    If Lumia Denim update didn't solved my problem with Camera of my phone . I may sell this phone off to second person for less money and looking to buy used Nokia Lumia 920. Is my idea good....

    Look I can't spent more money to buy Lumia 830 . Or don't want to go with Lumia 730 { bcoz of Absense of Dedicated camera shutter button }.

    Will there be Any new phone to be placed between Lumia 730 & Lumia 830 interms of price tag....?

    If new phone comes , will that be power full enough as PureView Camera of Lumia 920....?

    Looking for Sensible Answer
    12-22-2014 06:39 AM
  2. Athull's Avatar
    You might be interested in the rumuored 1320 successor then.
    Alleged specs of Lumia 1320 successor make the rounds - GSMArena.com news
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    12-22-2014 06:42 AM

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