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    Went to Best Buy and noticed that no one, and I mean "No One", was buying windows products and they were over in the Apple section. I love my windows 7. Totally disappointed with 8, 8.1 systems. I don't want anybody putting their fingerprints on my screen. STAY AWAY from the thought of moving forward with the touch screen crap!!,...trust me, they hate it!...and so do I. To do something so simple as to right click is different and difficult. The system seems to be redundant. If you touch something by accident, you have to touch, touch, touch to get back to where you were. To much time to do simple things. I like one thing running and this "Live Tiles" has everything running to keep up with updates making the system sluggish. The pointer is perfect because you can navigate from across the room. No need to walk up to my big screen and touch it. If they continue with 8, 8.1....might as well put a pitch fork in it and Apple's gonna win....are you trying to go out Windows? It would be hard to make a comeback...should move to a better Graphics windows 7 and call it 9. My predictions are 89 percent correct and confidence is high....unless it is a touchscreen tablet, all of 8 has to go to the scrapyard...seriously no offense...I am being nice compared to what I'm hearing....bring the real Windows team back!. Please don't wait, it is in the danger zone and I don't want to resort to Apple. They claim that Windows Monopolizes when it in fact is Apple. Will Windows revert to a faster Windows 9?
    12-24-2014 06:03 PM
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    Mac OSX has already won the battle. They're practically a monopoly now. Like, seriously, no one buys a Windows PC anymore. Apple is already at 5%!!! Like WTF!! They were just at 4.5% a few years ago. Windows is obviously in trouble. Also, have you been in a cave? The next version of Windows has already been released in the form of a technical preview? Everything you've said is based on assumptions that have already been answered.
    12-24-2014 09:45 PM
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    Windows 10 is going to be both. You will have live tiles and the normal windows 7 setup. You can choose exactly the way you want to work. Look at the technical preview videos on YouTube. It's absolutely amazing.
    12-24-2014 10:03 PM
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    I wish they would make an official emulator that can run older software from the 32 bit and 16 computer eras.
    12-24-2014 10:15 PM
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    I went to the pizza store today and could you believe it, nobody was buying salad.
    I could not believe it so I decided I wouldn't buy a salad either. Just got some wings and a large pie.

    Then I left to get some bubbly from the package good store next door. The guy inside was on his phone texting. I couldn't see what kind of phone it was but he was texting somebody. I gave him a 20 spot and he asked me without looking up, " do you want a receipt"? I thought about it for a second and figured I better get one. Just in case on the way home, I get a traffic stop and they ask where I got the bubbly? I could show them a receipt and it'll all be good.

    Nahh, I thought to myself. I'll just look 'em dead in the eye and tell them cops it was none of their business. Yeah! That would be my plan. So I picked up my package goods and headed to the car. After putting the key in the ignition, I noticed a car passing behind me, blocking my exit from the parking space. I sat a few seconds with my car in reverse and my foot on the brake, waiting until the car that was behind me, to move.

    It didn't move. It was like they deliberately stopped there to prevent me from leaving the package good store. I slammed the car into park. Unbuckled my seat belt,

    Opened my car door and I was confronted by 2 policemen. They didn't have their lights on but there was no mistaking their intentions. I asked, " so what the problem is?" The two cops looked at each other and asked me if I knew why nobody was buying Windows 8,1 computers at Best Buy? I thought for a minute and responded. 'I'll ask the dude posing the question on Windows Central. He's the only one to have spotted this. The cops didn't seem to like that answer so they pushed me back against my car and one removed his night stick and approached me. His hand went up as if to slam it hard against my skull. I stepped into him and he missed me and the stick landed on his patrol car. Pushing him backward, his partner reached for his side arm at which time I grabbed his arm, spinning him around backward, bending his arm up against his back while his neck was in the crook of my arm. His partner recovered and managed to land a punch into my ribs then another in my back. I released my grip on the officer and fell to my knees. I hurt so bad I couldn't get up to run so I attempted to crawl underneath the car for safety. The cop pulled my leg just like I'm pulling yours. :)

    The End.
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    12-24-2014 10:31 PM
  6. aximtreo's Avatar
    Hopefully you are a comedy writer/satirist and make a fortune. That was great.
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    12-25-2014 07:59 AM
  7. UchilHasmit's Avatar
    Post of the year winner.. Right there.. 👆
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    12-25-2014 08:12 AM

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