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    Hi There. I have a problem. I used the Nokia Lumia 625H (Windows Phone) and installed the game Subway Surfers on the phone (exactly in microSD Card), the game is already connected to my Facebook account and have character, Boards, Key, Mission, and Coins that much. But one day, I will reset the operating system (cyan) using NSU (Nokia Software Updater), and I forget to back up my data.
    But I am calm, because I think game Subway Surfers along with data on the microSD and connect to your Facebook account.
    After I had finished the phone is reset. I was surprised because when I would play it back (Subway Surfers), all data is lost and its applications except my score connected with facebook. FYI, this time Subway Surfers installed in phone memory.
    I check in Storage Sense like in the screenshot below.
    http: s9.postimg org/kefzrtuov/Storage_Sense_1.png
    http: s9.postimg org/ees8o69wf/Storage_Sense_2.png
    And I suspect my game there in Others.
    Then I move Subway Surfers on my phone to microSD, and there are problems.
    ScreenShoot: http: s14.postimg org/8yryczfap/Problem.png

    How do I retrieve my application data?

    I've reported this problem to the game developers (Kiloo). But I have yet to get an answer.
    Sorry for my bad English, I use Google Translate. Thank You.
    12-26-2014 07:19 AM
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    Application data on the SD card is encrypted in it's own file area. A hard reset (re-flashing) will loose the keys to access this area without a backup/restore.

    Only if the app itself stores progress in the cloud will it maintain progress itself. Many newer games are working this way but I guess not Subway Surfers.

    Sorry, but I think your application data is now lost.
    12-26-2014 08:21 AM

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