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    Primary application usage: GMail, Reddit, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Maps, Music, Flipboard, Play Books/Kindle, Chess.com, Uber, Vivino, Instrument tuners etc.
    12-26-2014 04:10 PM
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    First of all: get ready to either settle with some half-assed official apps, or to search for better third party apps. I switched from my Galaxy S2 to a Lumia 920, and some things have been challenging etc. but I have never wanted to get back to Android completely.

    For example, most people that uses Gmail uses a third-party application called MetroMail, which apparently works better with Gmail than the standard mail client.

    To have a quick run through of the applications you mentioned:
    Reddit - The most popular application is called Baconit, which is a third-party application that people seem to enjoy. (I don't use Reddit)

    WhatsApp - Official app which works pretty fine, especially with the latest update. Has almost all the functions compared to Android.

    YouTube - Due to google's undying hate for Microsoft in which they do everything to stop Microsoft, they took down the YouTube app that Microsoft had done. There is a third-party application called MetroTube which is probably even better than official apps on iOS, though.

    Facebook - Official app, getting updated a lot nowadays and getting better and better. Have got all the functions from Android (I think?)

    Twitter - Can't say because I don't use it.

    Maps - The application HERE Maps is very very good and comes installed by default on Lumia Devices.

    Music - I use Spotify, which works pretty well now, especially compared to how extremely bad the application was before. I don't miss a single feature in it from Android. I can't say anything about mp3 libraries etc. though.

    Flipboard - Don't know

    Kindle - Amazon is dumb and won't update the application which works, but barely. Unfortunately.

    Chess.com - I have no idea.

    Uber - Official app that works, but some users says it lacks features compared to iOS or Android.

    Vivino - Official app that works really great.

    Instrument tuners - I use one called Guitarist Tuner, where you can choose instrument and which tuning you want. Works really well. Another alternative is the app Guitar Tuna, which works really well too.

    Overall, what I like about Windows Phone compared to Android isn't the apps, but more about how fast I can get things done. The problem I had with Android was very common lag, freezes, very long waiting times after pressing things etc. which is basically non-existent in the Windows Phone system (except for in apps that are poorly written).

    Have fun
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    12-27-2014 08:00 AM

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