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    meu lumia 930 esquenta acima do normal,mais não de vez em quando é toda vez que começo a mexer,e recentimente instalei o gt racing 2 esta com as letras bugadas,tudo embaçado .Queria saber se é só no meu.Obrigado pela atenção!!

    My lumia 930 heats up above normal, but not once in a while is everytime I start to move, and recently installed the gt racing 2 this with buggy blurry letters.Wanted to know if it is just mine.Thanks for listening!.

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    12-26-2014 07:07 PM
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    When I use my phone continually, especially on games my phone will heat up and I have to turn it off and stop using it
    Is this app affecting your battery?
    I don't have a lumia 930 but 520 but if your phone is always hot you should probably take it to the store you got it from

    Once your phones battery hits 46 degrees it is abnormal tempauture and should not be used again until around 28 degrees.
    I can only suggest trying uninstalling the app and see what happens.

    Hope this helps,
    12-27-2014 08:11 AM

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